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Gertrud was developed in the Executive Board Office of Europe's largest media company. It solves a real problem saving its customers 40%-50% of time when organizing large meetings.

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Executive Boards

Matches the demands of top-level meetings with mostly internal guests and fast decision-making. Meets all regulatory and corporate demands.

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Supervisory Boards

Created for regularly held meetings of boards that oversee large corporations. Meets all regulatory and corporate demands.

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product features

Register topics without frustration

Enable guests to submit topics and files in a structured, customisable, and controlled process. No stress. No mistakes. No communication ping-pong.

Documents are filed and distributed automatically. Changes and other communications are recorded transparently, keeping participants in the loop with with clear updates on status and history.

Flexibility in scheduling up to the last minute

Easily make changes to the schedule before and during the meeting without needing to manually update documents, emails and invites. All aggregated changes are sent through the system when you're ready with just one click.

Operates inside Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Stay right where you already work and collaborate. Share automatically generated and perfectly formatted PDF or Word agendas and minutes through MS Teams or Outlook. Your documents will be stored in a secure SharePoint environment inside your existing IT infrastructure.

A screenshot of an e-mail template for a topic registration


Define your e-mails once and let Gertrud use them automatically over and over for calls-to-action, invites and so much more.

A screenshot of the compliance feature


Keeping track of all agenda items across all meetings and boards from registering to minutes.

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For all roles and all levels of experience. Board Members receive e-Mails with links. No need to “learn” software for them

A screenshot of the redlines feature

Redlines and Transparency

Writing and approving minutes in a streamlined process.

A screenshot of the keeping track feature

Keeping Track

Which decisions from meetings have been executed?

A screenshot of the task feature


Making sure all tasks discussed in a meeting will actually be completed.

A screenshot of the role management feature

Role Management

From Participants to Registrants, from Organizers to management and board members.

A screenshot of the circular voting feature

Circular Voting

Manage the entire process of creating, defining, distributing and collecting votes for resolutions without losing track or not following formal requirements.

A screenshot of the well-strucutred interface


Gertrud creates the optimal agendas, minutes, and calendar entries automatically. Routine tasks are eliminated.

A screenshot of the annotation feature

Annotations in Documents

Board or management team members can share their thoughts before the meetings directly through annotations in the files.

A screenshot of the confidentiality feature


Save and share documents with different levels of confidentiality. Choose from presets or individually for each file.

More features underway

We are continuously developing new features to make sure our software keeps increasing your meeting efficiency.

Never lose track of agenda items, topics, and decisions again.

Automates routine tasks like creating the agenda, updating calendars, and writing minutes.

Top-notch role management and security features make gertrud fun, safe, and easy to use.

Streamlines processes throughout the company.

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Gertrud runs within your Office 365 space